WWE Wrestlers Were Held ‘Hostage’ in Saudi Arabia, Report

WWE Wrestlers Were Held 'Hostage' in Saudi Arabia, Report
WWE Wrestlers Were Held 'Hostage' in Saudi Arabia, Report

Nearly 200 wrestlers and crew were held ‘hostage’ by Saudi Arabia in retaliation at WWE bosses pulling the live feed to last week’s Crown Jewel contest in a row over money, it is claimed.

Some reports claimed that the flight which was due to take WWE performers and staff back to America was grounded by Saudi Arabia over a financial dispute with the wrestling company, during which WWE pulled a live feed of the show.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “MBS was furious that WWE boss Vince McMahon had pulled the plug on the live feed of Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia because the company was owed up to $500m (£390m) for two shows in Saudi Arabia last year.”

“Reports also claim that the two sides hastily reached an agreement before the show was eventually broadcast only 40 minutes late – but this did not stop most of the WWE entourage’s 14-hour flight home being delayed,” the Mail declared.

Despite WWE’s claim the flight was delayed due to mechanical problems, the Daily Mail further reported that “Former WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich posted a video on Facebook saying the real reason for the flight delay was Saudi retaliation for the live feed being pulled by WWE.”


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