Passengers spot Prince Harry on economy flight

Passengers spot Prince Harry on economy flight
Passengers spot Prince Harry on economy flight

Prince Harry ‘took a commercial flight home’ from the Rugby World Cup final in Japan.

Prince Harry’s choice of taking a commercial flight captured the attention of many netizens and royal followers because it happened months after he and his wife Meghan Markle were criticized for taking four private flights in 11 days. The duke explained earlier that he took commercial flights 90 percent of the time and he only opted to take a private jet during those times to secure his wife and son.

While Prince Harry and Markle were in hot water for their private jet fiasco, Prince William and Middleton were photographed taking a commercial flight to Scotland to join the Queen last summer. Many deemed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s move a dig to the Sussexes. Some felt that by doing so, Prince William and Middleton only worsened the issue against Prince Harry and Markle.

“I think it’s really bad of his brother to go on the commercial flight so close after he did the private jet. I wouldn’t have done that to my sister. I do feel sorry for them because everything they are going to do, they are going to get slated and hounded,” TV personality Nicola McLean said after seeing the Cambridges’ photos.


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