Exercise should be fun — you already have more than enough work to do (Report)



So Americans are fat. At least that’s the running monologue playing out in more media outlets than we can completely ignore. But somewhere along the journey from childhood to retirement the solution to that problem has become the New Year’s Resolution that almost everyone makes and almost everyone hates: exercise more.

As children, playing outside was the reward, not the punishment … so much so that a ridiculous trend in too many elementary schools today is for children to be deprived of outside play time in a stationary timeout at recess as punishment (because we all know that the one-thing that helps discipline a hyperactive child to be calm is enforced stillness. Or not.)

Yet, trudging through the institutional world of education, exercise became the thing that the quintessential, sadistic gym teacher enforced, complete with tests, metrics and goals for the unattainable. The joy of movement dimmed as the realization that perfection was just not on the menu for most of us. And there was math to prove it. Charts, indexes, measurements, graphs – all calculated to show the weary where they fall short.