Boris Johnson to prorogue parliament for five weeks

Boris Johnson to prorogue parliament for five weeks
Boris Johnson to prorogue parliament for five weeks

Boris Johnson could be set to prorogue Parliament TODAY according to an entry in the House of Commons order paper.

Parliament will be suspended today for five weeks despite the ongoing crisis surrounding Brexit, Boris Johnson’s spokesman has announced.

In a historical ceremony known as “prorogation” to take place once Commons business is concluded on Monday evening, MPs will be summoned to the House of Lords to hear a message from the Queen halting business in both houses until 14 October.

The move means the PM will not attempt again to force a snap general election in October if MPs vote down his attempt to do so today.

Opposition parties have agreed to vote down Mr Johnson’s call for an early election on 15 October, which requires a two-thirds majority in the Commons. If they go through with that decision, the earliest an election could then come will be late November – possibly the 21st or 28th.

They fear that a vote next month might allow the PM to take the UK out of the EU without a deal on Halloween, despite legislation due to become law today barring him from doing so unless he has reached a deal with Brussels or secured parliamentary approval for no-deal.

The initial prorogration announcement made after leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg visited the Queen at Balmoral a fortnight ago stated that the longest prorogation since 1945 could begin on any date between 9 and 12 September.


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