11 things you thought were cool ten years ago

11 things you thought were cool ten years ago
11 things you thought were cool ten years ago

OMG I do remember that and we thought it was so cool. Ten years ago little did we know that the things we thought were so cool then would look so crazy now. Reality hits you now and the things that we thought were the status quo no longer exist in the ‘cool world.’ What were we thinking? We saved our money and we would do anything just to have those matching track suit. It was fashionable to be lazy and fashionable at the same time. If it had ‘Juicy’ on the butt you were considered high fashion and hot. Why did something with ‘Juicy Couture’ and a ‘J’ on it cost so much? Two-hundred dollars to put ‘Juicy’ on your backside or a ‘J’ on your t-shirt.

Throw back. “Hollaback Girl” why was that song so cool because it had bananas and ‘hollaback’ in the same song. Gwen Stefani made it cool to be a tomboy and yet wear lipstick and our gym shoes. Why is the song so cool? Because it had a cool beat and she employed the use of a high school band in her concerts and that is way cool. Drumlines always rock and young adults and teens playing drumlines on stage with Stefani were the bomb. MTV was playing it and that was when they were still cool too and played mostly videos instead of reality shows all of the time.

Video iPod, you could watch a video anywhere and it was so cool and everybody wanted one. Technology was on the rise and an iPod were Steve Jobst’s first footsteps. Ten years ago an iPhone didn’t even exist. They are collectors’ items now and to see one at the flea markets is like weird and how long ago was this thing out in public use?

Fo’ Shizzle, Fo Sheezy, Fo’ Sho,’ Snoopdog conquered the slang and everybody wanted to be just like him and so the phrase caught on. Everybody used it and over used it and abused it. Are you coming over? Fo’ shizzle. Let’s go to the movies, fo sho baby, it was cool and the popular kids and adult thing to say.

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Exclusivity is what cool things buy for us. We belong to a group that has the ‘cool item’ and so we are cool or so it would seem until the next item is on the block. It’s like the three As-Abercrombie, American Eagle and Aeropostale, only the cool people shop there and it seems so crazy now because all of the clothes were wrinkled or flannels that we already owned and had laying on the closet floor but without the pricey nametag logo. The three As were about conformity back then and wanting to be the pretty or handsome popular cool kid. No matter who you were fat, skinny or old you wanted to do it but the prices were in the sky and along came Forever 21 and H & M with their cheaper prices. Fast forward fashion and runway knock off ruled. You used to be able to walk into any high school and you could tell what kids belonged with which groups based on the clothes they wore, now the times have changed. If it is cool and popular nobody wants it to a certain extent, unless you are the filthy rich and luxury crazed kids and college students.

Carrie Underwood was so cool then and she went screaming live eagle for the top of the charts and the other musical artists hated here. We loved her and we could not believe that someone could right such songs that we could relate to her and want to be her friend. Now she is married with a child and we are like still loving her but in a different way now. She won’t be carhopping with her homeys any more bashing in her ex-boyfriends truck and giving us jilted girlfriend anthems to sing like the Dixie Chicks did when they game us ‘Earl.’

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‘Livestrong bracelets’ were the rage and insanely popular and were for a good cause. If you were worth being with and a good person you had one of these bracelets. Some people are still trying to make these bracelets work and Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France non-rockstar failed the world miserably, so we do not even want to spend that much time on this one.

Watch the video I didn’t go over all of the ones in the list below it on Youtube, including the one about Youtube was left out. Youtube is cool and it can be used for all kinds of look up and history and proof that things that were cool then are not now and things that were once cool also tend to come back around like “Fuller House” did. It was fun to look back but these things are so not cool now that we are done with them. What is cool now is not listed here.


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