Samsung Square Foldable Coming Next Year (Details)

Samsung Square Foldable Coming Next Year (Details)
Samsung Square Foldable Coming Next Year (Details)

Samsung may be quietly developing another foldable phone that looks like an old-school flip phone.

The company is working on a new foldable phone that would launch sometime next year and feature a new design, Bloomberg is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of Samsung’s plans. The new model would come with a 6.7-inch screen and a single camera hole on the front. Two more cameras would sit on the outside.

Most important, the model would be thinner and more compact than the Galaxy Fold and be foldable into a square. It could then fit a bit better in a pocket than the chunky Galaxy Fold.

Two other important tidbits from the Bloomberg report include that Samsung is collaborating with American designer Thom Browne on the device and that it is using Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) for the inner display, “which would measure in at only 3% the thickness of the glass conventionally used to protect smartphone displays.”


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