Meghan Markle laughs as pensioner calls her a ‘fat lady

Meghan Markle laughs as pensioner calls her a 'fat lady
Meghan Markle laughs as pensioner calls her a 'fat lady

HEAVILY pregnant Meghan Markle was called a “fat lady” by a well-meaning pensioner on Wednesday. Watch the hilarious moment here – and how the Duchess handled it with grace.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first baby in April. Meghan has been out and about a lot lately, getting stuck into her new patronages. On Wednesday, she was visiting the animal welfare charity Mayhew in London where she had a hilarious encounter with a member of the public.

An elderly woman named Peggy, upon meeting the Duchess, was clearly a bit star struck.

She told Meghan: “Lovely lady, you are, may the good Lord always bless you.”

Smiling and looking at her baby bump, she added: “And you’re a fat lady!”

It might not be the first thing you’d say to a pregnant woman or a former actress – but Meghan took it in her stride.

Meghan erupted with laughter, patted her bump and said: “I’ll take it!”

Peggy originally hails from Jamaica and gets visits from the Mayhew centre’s Therapies therapy dogs in the care home where she lives.

Whether she meant to or not, the Duchess took her slip of the tongue as a happy compliment.

Last week the animal charity Mayhew was announced as one of four charity patronages Meghan has taken on that reflect her passions and interests.

The charity helps to rehome cats and dogs but also carries out work in the community to offer support and educate people on how best to care for their pets.

Their Therapaws programme promotes the positive therapeutic impact that animals can have through visits to residential homes.

During the visit Meghan, a keen dog lover, spoke about her own rescue dogs.

Before she met Harry she had two dogs from shelters at her home in Canada, where she lived while filming the legal drama Suits.