Kenya's Kenyatta urges peace ahead of poll as tensions rise (Report)



President Uhuru Kenyatta urged Kenyans to maintain peace ahead of fresh presidential elections next week as at least one person was shot and wounded by police amid a rise in ethnic tensions in the capital.

A resident of Nairobi’s Lucky Summer low income area said Sunday that tensions grew after a traditional ceremony was performed by members Kenyatta’s Kikuyu community which some residents interpreted as a war ceremony.

Sheila Kariuki said supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga went to the ceremony’s site and police shot them when an argument started.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August re-election was nullified by the Supreme Court and a new election ordered. Tensions have increased ahead of the fresh vote set for Oct. 26 which Odinga is boycotting because the electoral commission has not been reformed.