Coronavirus UK Updates: Lockdown compliance ‘improving month on month’, study finds

Coronavirus UK Updates: Wales to review restrictions on Jan 29
Coronavirus UK Updates: Wales to review restrictions on Jan 29

Dr Daisy Fancourt, from UCL’s Institute of Epidemiology & Health, is lead author of a study looking at lockdown rules and which ones are the most likely to be broken.

She told BBC Breakfast: “I think one of the things we were most struck by is actually how good compliance is at the moment.

“We found that compliance has been improving month on month, and week on week, and actually it’s now back to the same levels that it was last May, so whilst we hear the stories of rule-breakers, actually the majority of the population are really playing their part at the moment.”

– GPs leading the way in vaccine rollout are forced to slow down

GPs leading the Covid vaccine rollout have been forced to “pause” jabs to allow other parts of the country to catch up, The Telegraph can disclose.

Surgeries vaccinating hundreds of elderly people every day have had their promised deliveries cancelled amid questions over the speed of the national programme.

Drug companies manufacturing the vaccines said on Tuesday night that they could provide enough doses to be administered 24/7 after MPs called for more urgency.

Ministers insisted vaccine supply was the “limiting factor” behind the delays, although on Tuesday night Whitehall sources confirmed plans for the pilot of a 24-hour vaccine centre to test demand.

A senior government source said: “As well as more daytime appointments we are considering a pilot where vaccinations are offered for longer hours.”


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