Coronavirus UK Updates: ‘Impossible to know’ when lockdown will end, Matt Hancock says

Coronavirus UK Updates: 'Impossible to know' when lockdown will end, Matt Hancock says
Coronavirus UK Updates: 'Impossible to know' when lockdown will end, Matt Hancock says

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said coronavirus lockdown restrictions will remain in place in England for as “long as they are necessary”.

Mr Hancock said the vaccination programme was “on track” to deliver the jab to the 14 million most vulnerable people by February 15.

However, he told Sky News that it was “impossible to know” when restrictions could be eased.

“We will keep the restrictions in place not a moment longer than they are necessary, but we will keep them in place as long as they are necessary,” he said.

“These measures that we have got in place that we hope to be able to lift, and we should be able to lift when we have been able to protect through vaccination those who are vulnerable – right now the vaccination is not in a position to do that.”

– Police issue 14 fines for illegal car meet

But, contrary to the study, the Met Police issued 14 fines last week after breaking up an illegal car meet at a London business park.

On Friday, Jan 8, police were alerted by members of the public to the gathering at Whitby Avenue, Brent, and officers 14 people and nine high-powered vehicles.

North West BCU Commander Chief Superintendent Louis Smith said: “The individuals that officers engaged with were, by their own admission, aware of the coronavirus rules, and intentionally broke them.

“As many as one in 20 Londoners in some parts of the capital have the virus. Social meetings such as these are facilitating the spread and putting the most vulnerable in our community at risk.

“The Mayor’s major incident announcement, which happened within the same 24 hours as this car meet, highlights the extreme pressure that emergency services are under at the moment. If you choose to break coronavirus legislation, then you are choosing to increase that pressure. Please stay at home, stay safe, and protect our NHS.”


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