CCTV shows ‘postcode rivalry’ murder gang brandishing sword (Picture)

CCTV shows 'postcode rivalry' murder gang brandishing sword (Picture)
CCTV shows 'postcode rivalry' murder gang brandishing sword (Picture)

Two men and three teenagers have been convicted of murdering a 19-year-old father in an attack which saw shots fired into a shop near a busy cinema.

Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck, 19, was knifed to death in Wood Green after a group of gang-members went out hunting for suspected rivals and set upon their victims “like a pack of animals” in Wood Green, North London.

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Police said the culprits, who were carrying machetes, guns and even a sword- knifed the two men in a “petty postcode rivalry,” shooting one, then bragged about their violence online afterwards in drill music videos.

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Two men and three teenagers were yesterday convicted with murder following a trial following the violent attack on February 22 that killed the young dad.

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Kamali was stabbed as he fled from a car he had used to try to distract his attackers while they attacked his 20-year-old friend, in a desperate manoeuvre that spared his friend but ultimately cost him his own life.