Physical activity can help prevent mental disorders

Physical activity can help prevent mental disorders
Physical activity can help prevent mental disorders

The best way to avoid the pain and suffering of mental illness along with the serious damages this can cause your personal, academic and career interests is to understand how to prevent mental illness. Medical Xpress reported, physical activity can help prevent mental disorders. In a study in Madrid, Spain adults who performed at high or mild levels of total physical activity had higher levels of mental health than people who performed at low levels of physical activity.

This study was done by researchers from the Faculty of Sciences for Physical Activity and Sports at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in association with the European University. The researchers also observed that the level of exercise which was performed in leisure time is inversely associated with vulnerability to mental illness. There has been increasing concern for deterioration of mental health, particularly in societies with higher rates of economic development. Therefore strategies to decrease the incidence of mental illness are vitally needed.

Overall the researchers found that levels of mental health in Madrid vary according to the level of exercise seen in leisure time and the total physical activity. People who gave reports of high or mild levels of total physical exercise demonstrated better levels of mental health. It was observed that the risk of suffering mental illness among those who were sufficiently active was decreased up to about 55 percent in comparison to those who have not been sufficiently active. This association between physical activity and mental health has been seen in other studies.

Mayo Clinic reports there is no absolutely certain way to prevent mental illness. However if you suffer from mental illness taking initiatives to control stress, to increase your resilience to stress and to boost low self-esteem may really help to keep your symptoms under good control. In order to prevent mental illness in the first place adequate sleep, healthy eating and regular physical activity are very important. Aside from eating well and getting adequate rest it’s a good idea to find time for physical activity regularly to help maintain a healthy state of mind.


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