People are trying to understand the universe independent of consciousness

People are trying to understand the universe independent of consciousness
People are trying to understand the universe independent of consciousness

Materialism doesn’t engender optimism. The world view makes us sad and fearful of the future. The essence of the universe consciousness can’t be experienced except for internally. Materialism can be experienced externally. The key to all of this has been lost within. It’s easier to look outside of yourself than it is to look inside where it’s dark. The consciousness which animates us, the core or our being is scarcely spoken of, let alone thought of.

To be the observer. “When I stop thinking then I really am.” Just because we can’t prove it scientifically doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Science cannot tell us what it is really like to be human. The most staggering experience of life, meditation where consciousness is substantiated by firsthand experience. It is infinite and every bit real. What is within you is really all around you. What is our inner reality is the greater reality. We are happy realizing we are one within us all.

“People are trying to understand the universe independent of consciousness, and it is the most important factor of the equation.” You are immortal because it is impossible for you not to be. “No cognizance is taken of the lapse of time after a person becomes unconscious in death. Eccl.(:5)Nothing is going to make any difference in your life than to separate yourself from the physical world. You separate yourself from physical life by seeing the truth. Your physical body needs to lead a balanced life or negative and positive experiences. Your spiritual self, your immortal being doesn’t need to live a balanced life. Our physical world cannot change fundamentally but spirit can. The bad will still happen but you will see it differently. The spirit is the only thing that doesn’t need balance to live. This knowledge changes you and leads to your transition. Knowing the knowledge of balance doesn’t take away the consequences for your behavior. Knowing it makes you responsible.

When you take the two sides of life and see them as one whole. You do this when you come to understand what balancing force means. What it means is that the bad times will pass and an equal amount of good times will ensue. Knowing this will help you to get through the difficult and rough patches of life. It is grounding and centering to know that manna is real.

This knowledge takes away your hate, hurt, sadness, disappointed, envy, and feelings of pity. All negative feelings are able to come to rest knowing this. The mind gets smaller and living life becomes larger. Thinking comes to a minimum. You will live in the now. The more you live in the now the more your life will be fulfilled.

Time slows down and you begin to see life again with the wonder and awe as a child. A child receives more life because the mind has not taken over the mind yet. You live more from the time when you are born until you turn ten than you do from the age of ten to one-hundred. The world you knew as a child is still there. You changed not the world. Now you see the real enchanted world. The truth transforms a mortal man into an immortal spiritual being.

You have two selves and many people do not realize this. They do not realize this until you tell them that someone has to be listening to their thoughts that were created by the mind. To know immortal true self the mind must be overcome. “Know thyself.” We do not know things the way they are we know things the way we are. It is the mind that messes things us and blocks. A lot of people are in trouble because they do not know the truth and walk around and around living on the miserably on the edge.

Changing the world does not change us. The universe would fall apart at the seams if it were not already perfect. People don’t know what they are missing. They are missing everything for nothing.


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