Holistic therapy seems to help ease symptoms of autism in some children

Holistic therapy seems to help ease symptoms of autism in some children
Holistic therapy seems to help ease symptoms of autism in some children

Autism can be an especially frustrating condition to deal with because little is known about what causes it or about how to treat it. Energist Kelly Burch, an emotional freedom technique (EFT) master practitioner and a certified Australian bush flower essences practitioner, recently explored the connection between autism and the “energy body,” an invisible system everyone has that is associated with emotions and physical sensations that are not outwardly caused by physical stimuli. Depending upon the energy body stress level, even people without autism can experience irritability, become overly sensitive or become irrational when making decisions.

Burch wondered if reducing stress in the energy body would have an effect on the symptoms associated with autism. To explore the connection, Burch created 100 flower essence blends that were unique to the needs of the child recipient. Flower essences are oral liquid drops and can be administered easily to children by placing them in their food or drink. She created each child’s blend of essences based upon their individual symptoms. For example, if a child had difficulty sleeping, flower essences that relax the mind were included. If the child refused to speak, flower essences that related to self-expression were used in their mixture. For her experiment, Burch provided flower essences to 84 autistic children with no identical matches of symptoms or experiences. All of the children required a different mix of flower essences.

For her research, Burch asked the parents or caregivers to rate each child’s symptoms before they began taking the flower essence mixture, then again after taking it. The topics rated were in areas of speech; how the child connects to others; how they deal with changes or unexpected experiences; their sensitivity to things such as food, textures, smell, noise, clothing or noise; following instructions; recognizing their own needs and those of others; and general mood.

For those parents looking to ease their child’s symptoms using holistic therapy, her results were very encouraging. Based on the ratings, 100 percent of the children showed improvement in at least one area, while 85.7 percent showed improvement from baseline to completion in a combination of areas. Ninety five percent of the parents felt that they would use the flowers essences again for autism support and would recommenced their use to others.


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