Can You Prevent Parasomnias From Happening?

Can You Prevent Parasomnias From Happening?
Can You Prevent Parasomnias From Happening?

Parasominas are a category of sleep disorders. These sleep disorders are plagued by a bunch of abnormal things. Some of these abnormal things do include abnormal movements, emotions, behaviors, perceptions, and also dreams. They can occur at anywhere between falling asleep and waking up from sleep.

What is Parasomnias?
Parasomnias is defined mainly as being abnormal things that can happen to people while they are sleeping. Some of the examples of these not so good things are night terrors and sleepwalking. While some night parasomnias episodes can be very scary to view. They aren’t in essence life threatening if people do put some safety guards into place to protect those who have parasomnias from hurting themselves somehow. Parasomnias are mostly harmless and don’t require treatment, just some good safety measures, as was previously stated here.

What is different between REM and non-REM sleep disorders?
Parasomnias do tend to fall into categories and these two categories are no other than REM and non-REM sleep. These are sleep disorders that do happen in both sleep categories. REM is short for rapid eye movement and is the most active of sleeping cycles. This is also the sleep cycle when most dreams and nightmares do tend to occur. Normally, the muscles are relaxed and immobile that prevents one from acting out their dreams. Those who have REM behavior disorder don’t remain motionless. They tend to act out their dreams as though they are awake. Hitting, punching, or yelling can occur with this sleep disorder. NREM sleep is deep sleep and it is the kind of sleep that we are in most of the entire night. During this sleep stage, night terrors and sleepwalking do take place.

What is sleepwalking?
Sleepwalking is something that tends to happen to more children than adults. A common theory that is associated with this sleep disorder is that it occurs because of hereditary factors. When a person is sleepwalking they may appear to be awake, as well as responsive, but in truth they are not. It is said that if you wake up a sleep walker, it can trigger off aggression and violent behavior in them. Therefore, it is best not to wake up a sleepwalker, just redirect them back to bed safely if you are able to.

What are night terrors?
Night terrors are very different from regular nightmares. This is because they tend to take place during NREM sleep. This is generally during the first third of the night. These episodes may include incomplete arousal, confusion, unresponsiveness, and even amnesia. They do occur in a small number of children up to eight years of age and may be accompanied by sleep walking. Children who are afflicted with night terrors may not be consolable right away. However, once they do calm down, they should be okay to fall back to sleep all right on their own okay. They may just need some comforting is all?

Can Parasomnias be treated successfully?
The good news about Parasomnias is. They are something that do eventually do go away on their own. However, some kids and adults may need more involved treatment. Involved treatment will only be for those who are very violent and are causing injury to themselves and others. Some of the treatments that may give do include psychotherapy and hypnosis for adults. It is also treated with a class of medicines that are called benzodiazepines. These medications are often used as a means of treatment for last resort.
Parasomnias can be prevented from happening. However there is no guarantee on anything, if they happen to make an appearance. Nonetheless, good preventive steps to include the following, and that is to make sure to keep the same sleep schedule every night. Also, do make sure to search for natural ways to fall asleep without sleeping pills and get enough adequate sleep, and this will prevent the deep sleep from increasing that can trigger night terrors, sleepwalking, and other forms of parasomnias.

What are some safety precautions to practice for those with parasomnias?
One of the best things to prevent a parasomniac sufferer from getting out of bed is to lower the bed to the floor. It is very hard for someone to get out of bed if the mattress is on the floor. Make them sleep in a sleeping bag that is zipped up. It’s harder to get out of the typical blankets are. Make sure to latch up all windows and doors tight. Place gates across any existing stairwells.

Parasomnias include two different grades and these grades are primary or secondary depending upon their type. They also include night terrors, nightmares, dreams that are very vivid and real, and also sleepwalking, in addition, as well.


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