Asthma intelligence yoga breathing exercise decreases inhaler use by 50%

Asthma intelligence yoga breathing exercise decreases inhaler use by 50%
Asthma intelligence yoga breathing exercise decreases inhaler use by 50%

Asthma can be a frightening condition but there are ways to cope with the breathing condition. Stress and asthma is a vicious cycle, it intensifies and brings about the conditions causing spasmatic breathing and pain. Unfortunately a majority of patients with asthma also live in highly stressful households. Breathing and exercise are the two best things you can do for yourself as an asthma patient, learning how to stay on top of the stress and the condition instead of being a victim to it.

Just because you have exercise-induced asthma doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise or do breathing exercises to stretch out the long muscles producing a more relaxed breathing technique. Yoga or Tai chi are terrific for asthma patients.

The fear you won’t face, shows up in the body

Asthma that is not allergy induced is often brought about by stress or a feeling of the patient not being in control of their own life, and feeling scared about it. The movie, “The Kings Speech,” says it eloquently and profoundly, that like stuttering, asthma patients are frightened to death and need to find their own voice.

Counseling would be a great start in helping the patient to find the courage to stand up in their own lives and getting others to back off, and learning how to set effective boundaries, therefore reducing the anxiety of asthma. Fear of life, stress and dominating individuals, and not standing up to them, have a variety of ways of showing up in the body and the mind. Constant dreams of losing your teeth is just one way the mind reveals this dilemma to you.

For exercise, a slow warm up, don’t overdue it, and a slow cool down is best to slowly introduce the lungs to the yoga workout. Jumping straight into vigorous exercise is not the way to gain control of the situation. The other problem with exercise-induced asthma is that patients tend to breathe through their mouth, and take short shallow breadths; this is something else that can be corrected through breathing exercises.

Some lungs along with the sinuses are more sensitive than others which means dry air is even a threat to correct breathing. Dry winter air for example can produce tightened breathing whether you are sensitive or not, breathing moist air and doing yoga breathing exercises indoors is best during the winter months.

Love is not an emotion it is our existence

Studies in the respiratory journal Thorax tells us that patients who use their inhalers along with regular breathing exercise use their inhalers 50-percent less. Learning to shake off conflict and being indifferent takes you beyond hate.


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