Police Raid R. Kelly’s Studio, possible building code violations
Police Raid R. Kelly’s Studio, possible building code violations

A raid of R. Kelly’s West Side studio uncovered evidence of residency Wednesday as the R&B singer will likely face building code violations, on top of being past due on his rent and allegations of sexual abuse.

About 10 inspectors entered the back door of R. Kelly’s rented warehouse as Chicago police stood and watched. During their search, they checked both the outside and inside of the property, at first keeping quiet about their findings.

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However, inspectors later disclosed they found evidence of work performed without permits, as well as evidence that people have been living there. It’s a clear violation in a warehouse not zoned as a livable space.

“They found a couple of building code violations, if he’s behind on his taxes or rent then R. Kelly please pay it,” said John Taylor, an R. Kelly supporter. “And just be done and move on.”

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The warehouse has faced increased scrutiny since a scathing docu-series aired, with more women accusing R. Kelly of abusing them.

But the singer still has supporters, including a man who says he’s Kelly’s stepbrother.

“My brother is not going down for this crap ok,” the man said. “He’s not a monster at all. A monster is when you do crazy crap, crazy crap, ok. That’s a monster.”

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R. Kelly faces possible eviction from this warehouse for unpaid rent, plus the city will head back to court next week, armed with evidence of code violations they say they uncovered Wednesday.