Burn more calories with your weekly walk

Burn more calories with your weekly walk
Burn more calories with your weekly walk

Utah has a lot of varied landscape which makes walking a great activity along with a good exercise form. Some people might complain that they just can’t burn off enough calories while walking to notice a difference. People love the concept of modern cross-training.

Not everyone likes to cross-country ski in the mountains or other similar landscapes in the different valleys. Why not combine the walking activity with cross-country skiing? Many outdoor outlets sell comfortable metal walking sticks with cushion tips. The sticks are adjustable in height. Try combining the walking sticks with your walking routine.

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Using two metal walking sticks can up to double your walking speed without realizing it. The second thing you will notice using two walking sticks will be an extra burning sensation in the muscles of your upper body. You will feel most notably you upper back and triceps muscles being used. Depending on the adjusted height of your walking sticks, you may feel more burning in your upper back or in the back of your arms. The sensations you feel in your upper back and triceps will help you to know that you’re burning more calories because of the extra muscles being used.

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