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The show, which tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, mocks King George III, who is cast as a comical out-of-touch character. 

It opened to rave reviews on Broadway before transferring to London earlier this year. But Harry, 33, told the show’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda that he loved the play so much that it was his second time seeing it. 

Meghan has also seen the show both in the US and the UK. 

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“This is a huge deal to us and it’s going to be a fun night,” Harry said to Miranda as the royal couple arrived at London’s Victoria Palace Theatre.

The performance raised money for Sentebale, Harry’s HIV charity which works with young people in southern Africa. 

Miranda, 38, said: “The prince’s sixth-great grandfather is a character so that’ll be fun and surreal for all of us. 

“They said they were huge fans of the show. It’s a huge honour for me.”

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THOMAS Markle took solace from his troubles by taking a stroll with a close friend who is sticking by him. 

Mr Markle, 74, who claims he wants to make peace with daughter Meghan and Prince Harry, after a series of outspoken interviews, was seen near his home in Rosario, Mexico, with pal and neighbour Brett Hallett. 

Mr Hallett has reportedly said he would like to fly to Britain to confront the royals over their “shabby treatment” of Mr Markle. 

He added that he would: “Love to visit England and see Buckingham Palace.” 

In an outburst earlier this month Mr Markle hit out at people who see him as a slob in a scruffy T-shirt and baggy slacks. 

“I’m not ‘the weirdo schlubby dad’ living in a shack in Mexico drinking beer and eating burgers,” he said. 

“I’ve lost 40 pounds. I eat fish and vegetables and stay on a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet.” 


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