World’s deepest diving pool opens in Poland (Watch)

World's deepest diving pool opens in Poland (Watch)
World's deepest diving pool opens in Poland (Watch)

A 45.5-metre (150-foot) deep diving pool, which opened near Warsaw this weekend, includes artificial underwater caves and Mayan ruins, and has 8,000 cubic metres of water – more than 20 times the amount in an ordinary 25-metre pool.

The €8.9 million Deepspot complex, which includes a small wreck for scuba and free divers to explore, can open despite coronavirus restrictions in Poland because it is a training centre that offers courses, unlike regular swimming pools.

“It’s the world’s deepest pool,” Deepspot director Michal Braszczynski, a 47-year-old diving enthusiast, told AFP at the opening on Saturday, November 21, and “will also be used by the fire brigade and the army.

“There are many scenarios for training and we can also test different equipment”.


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