Woman marrying her DUVET reveals details of the big day, Report

Woman marrying her DUVET reveals details of the big day, Report
Woman marrying her DUVET reveals details of the big day, Report

A woman has revealed her plans to marry her duvet because ‘it gives the best hugs’ and has given her ‘the most intimate and reliable relationship’ she’s ever experienced.

Let’s be honest, there is nothing more comforting than jumping into bed and wrapping yourself up in your covers. The relationship with your duvet is one of the most important ones in your life – it’s there through the good and bad.

And Pascale Sellick has decided to make a commitment to her duvet and show the world just how much she loves it with a lavish wedding ceremony.

The 49-year-old artist has issued an open invite to the ceremony at Rougemont Gardens in Exeter, Devon, on Sunday 10th February at 2pm followed by a “free wedding party” at The Glorious Art House on Fore Street.

Full vows will be read in front of a fellow artist with no religious affinity, and the nuptials have been described as ‘the most out there art happening to date’.

Pascale has revealed that the dress code is pretty relaxed with guests being encouraged to wear dressing gowns, pyjamas, onesies and slippers.

They also have the option of bringing cuddly teddy bears and hot water bottles if there is a cold wind, which makes perfect sense.

Pascale is keeping what cover the duvet will be wearing a secret, but revealed her outfit will include fluffy slippers and a nightgown, all complimented by a dressing gown.

She said: “My duvet is the longest, strongest, most intimate and reliable relationship that I have ever had. That’s because it has always been there for me and gives me great hugs.

“I love my duvet so much I would like to invite people to witness my union with the most constant, comforting companion in my life.

“There will be music and a ceremony, laughs and entertainment.”

Pascale has recruited Anna FitzGerald of WooHoo Art Events as her wedding planner to make sure the day goes smoothly.

Anna said: “This is the most out there art happening to date. I’m really pleased to be involved.

“Valentines day can be depressing for lots of people so hopefully this will lift peoples’ spirits.

“It would be wonderful if folks could shake off their English reserve and rock up in their sleepwear for a bit of light-hearted frivolity.”