WhatsApp and Instagram to add online shopping, Report

WhatsApp and Instagram to add online shopping, Report
WhatsApp and Instagram to add online shopping, Report

SHOPPING over WhatsApp and Instagram will soon be possible as Facebook announces new features that could challenge the likes of Amazon in the online shopping domain.

Mark Zuckerberg will also be updating Facebook’s own online Marketplace, making it much easier for the users of all his social media platforms to shop without leaving the house.

The social media giant has said that users will soon be able to browse products, see celebrity recommendations, organise delivery and make payments without ever leaving its three major apps.

WhatsApp will be getting product catalogues for users to browse through and secure payment abilities, which have already been trialled in India.

On Instagram, influencers will be able to tag products in their posts, a bit like they can now, except users will be able to buy those products directly in the app rather than the tags leading to a different website.

And, Facebook Marketplace is about to change from a page where people could sell to each other in the local area to a service that will allow sellers of products to ship items as well as receive payments over the platform.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri spoke at Facebook’s annual conference and said that online shopping’s future is dependent on how influencers, creators and brands interact.

He said: “Maybe you look up to someone, maybe they dress well, maybe they have a similar skin tone and so the make-up that looks good on them will also look good on you. This is an area where we think we can uniquely create value.”

As Facebook’s CEO, Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company doesn’t “exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now” but said that user payment information would be encrypted and safe from “hackers, governments or even us”.

He stated: “I want to make it as easy to send money to someone as it is to send a photo… Overall payments and private commerce is one of the areas we’re really excited about.”

Facebook also revealed the websites new design yesterday and it’s even launching a “secret crush” feature so users can try and work out who fancies them.

The social media giant saw its profits cut in half recently as it admits it’s facing recording-breaking £4billion US fine over data scandals.

And, Mark Zuckerberg’s old Facebook posts have mysteriously vanished from the social network – after an irreparable “mistake” by the firm.

Are you looking forward to shopping over Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook? Let us know in the comments…


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