Vanessa Bauer ‘broke her face’ (Watch)

Vanessa Bauer 'broke her face' (Watch)
Vanessa Bauer 'broke her face' (Watch)

DANCING On Ice star Vanessa Bauer has shared a video of herself smashing face first into a wall during training for the ITV show.

In a video posted by the professional skater on Instagram she is seen falling on the ice, seemingly going head-first into the board at the side of the rink.

Having just completed several impressive spins and jumps while training for the ITV show, she then skates away but her knees appear to buckle, causing her to fall to the floor.

Bauer, who is partnered with Diversity dancer Perri Kiely, wrote: “That just happened. I literally thought I broke my face.

“It started off so well lol,.. good thing I know how to stop, not.”

“At least @theicecapture caught it so you’re welcome guys.”

On her Instagram stories, Bauer showed off a bruise on the side of her face under an ice pack.

In another post, Bauer said it was “the most embarrassing and painful fall of my career.”


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