US town elects goat as ‘mayor’ (Photo)

US town elects goat as 'mayor' (Photo)
US town elects goat as 'mayor' (Photo)

When residents of Fair Haven, Vermont, voted for mayor, they weren’t kidding around. They chose a Nubian goat named Lincoln.

With 13 votes, Lincoln eked out a victory over Sammie the dog, who received 10 votes. As the town’s first honorary pet mayor, Lincoln will attend events throughout the year and already has plans to march in a parade on Memorial Day. He will officially take office on Tuesday.

Fair Haven is home to 2,500 people and does not have a human mayor. Town Manager Joseph Gunter heard about a town in Michigan that voted for an honorary pet mayor, and he thought it would be fun to do the same thing in Fair Haven. For just $5, residents could enter their pets in the race, with every dollar going toward the building of a community playground. Not only was $100 raised, Gunter told The Associated Press, but it was also “a great way to introduce the elementary school kids to local government.”


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