US Election Results 2020 LIVE: Biden earns record number of votes

US Election Results 2020 LIVE: Biden earns record number of votes
US Election Results 2020 LIVE: Biden earns record number of votes

With ballots still being counted, Biden has garnered almost 70.5 million votes for president, beating a record previously held by his former boss, President Barack Obama.

Obama collected 69.5 million votes in 2008.

So far, Trump has received 67.8 million votes. He lost the popular vote in 2016 by nearly 3 million votes even as he beat Hillary Clinton in electoral votes

– A federal judge appeared skeptical of an attempt by Pennsylvania Republicans to prevent a suburban Philadelphia county from counting mail-in ballots that voters were permitted to fix after they were notified of deficiencies.

A Republican candidate for Congress and chairman of the Republican Party in a neighbouring county filed a lawsuit against Montgomery County on Tuesday alleging its Board of Elections was contacting some voters with defects in their ballots and allowing them to correct them. The GOP wants the county to halt further outreach to voters and to set aside any defective or revised ballots.

The suit is one of several over ballot tallies in Pennsylvania, a key battleground in a presidential race that early Wednesday remained too close to call. The state already is shaping up to be a legal hot spot in determining who won on Election Day.

Montgomery County and other suburbs of Philadelphia are expected to favour Democrat Joe Biden over President Donald Trump. In 2016, almost 60% of the county’s voters went for Hillary Clinton, and Biden was leading the county by about 295,000 votes as of Wednesday morning, according to preliminary results.

– Trump wants Wisconsin recount

Trump’s campaign will immediately request a recount of votes in the key battleground state of Wisconsin, even though the state’s presidential election results have yet to be finalized.


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