UK lockdown: Boris Johnson issues stay-at-home order

UK lockdown: Boris Johnson issues stay-at-home order
UK lockdown: Boris Johnson issues stay-at-home order

The U.K. is in lockdown after Boris Johnson ordered sweeping measures to stop people leaving their homes “at this moment of national emergency.”

As the coronavirus pandemic spread across the country, the prime minister approved a radical ban on all unnecessary movement of people for at least three weeks. Police will break up gatherings and have the power to fine individuals who defy the tough new laws.

Sports Direct WILL shut its stores in the coronavirus lockdown after sparking outrage for claiming it is “vital” for them to remain open during the crisis.

It comes after the sportswear brand last night emailed its employees – just 16 minutes after Boris Johnson began his televised speech telling Brits to stay at home – declaring all stores would keep their doors open.

Prisons in England and Wales are to be placed in “lockdown”, BBC News has reported.

Tough restrictions will be placed on prisoners’ movements in all jails and all visits will be cancelled.

The measures are yet to be confirmed officially.

The vast majority of Brits have said they support the government’s lockdown measures, a YouGov poll shows.

The majority of Brits (93%) say they support the new measures.

Two thirds of Brits (66%) say it’s going to be easy to follow the new rules for the next three weeks while 29% say it will be hard.

The poll shows a split of 39% vs 39% on whether new police powers are sufficient.


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