Trump doctor: President symptom-free 24 hours, Report

US election result Update: Trump says dropped Michigan lawsuit because we won
US election result Update: Trump says dropped Michigan lawsuit because we won

President Trump has been “symptom-free” for more than 24 hours as he continues to be treated for the coronavirus at the White House, one of his doctors said in a new memo.

White House physician Sean Conley, in a statement released with Trump’s permission on Wednesday, said the president has been fever-free for more than four days and had neither needed nor received any supplemental oxygen since his initial hospitalisation.

Trump was hospitalised on Friday after tests showed he had contracted COVID-19. He returned to the White House on Monday.

But Trump, under coronavirus quarantine in the White House and restricted from travelling, is seeking ways to put the spark back in his struggling re-election bid and get behind his desk in the Oval Office with four weeks left until election day.

He has been looking for options on how to get his message out and cut into Democrat Joe Biden’s lead in battleground states where the November 3 election will be decided, advisers said.

They said they had been discussing Trump delivering a national address, while a speech to senior voters is being contemplated for Thursday. Vice President Mike Pence’s debate with Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City will take centre stage on Wednesday evening.

Complications abound. Trump aides say he is impatient to get back on the campaign trail and insistent on debating Biden on October 15 in Miami, but Biden said on Tuesday he will not participate if Trump is not virus-free.


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