‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021: How Long Heather Martin Lasts On the Season

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021: How Long Heather Martin Lasts On the Season
‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021: How Long Heather Martin Lasts On the Season

Hannah Brown encouraged her BFF Heather Martin to see if she and Matt James would make a great match. But will her risky party-crashing pay off?

Heather Martin caused quite a stir during this week’s episode of The Bachelor when she showed up halfway into the cocktail party. But how long will Hannah Brown’s BFF stick around to rustle the girls’ feathers? According to Reality Steve, not very long at all.

Twenty-five-year-old Heather Martin originally appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She had “never been kissed,” and that became her identity on the season. She shared her first kiss with Colton under festive fireworks, but things didn’t work out for the two inexperienced lovers. Heather self-eliminated before hometown week, saying she wasn’t ready for Colton to meet her family. Hannah Brown, who was also on Colton’s season, is one of Heather’s closest friends from the show. The two even lived together for some part of the COVID-19 lockdown last year. That’s how Heather learned about Matt James, who Hannah lived with earlier in the year, along with her ex from The Bachelorette, Tyler Cameron. While Tyler and Hannah are no longer a thing, Heather wanted to give it a try with Matt after hearing from Hannah that he would be perfect for her.

Although last week’s episode made it seem like Heather showed up after some encouragement from Hannah, there was a lot that had to go into getting her there. She would have had to bring up the idea to the producers, who had to give it the OK. Reality Steve, the ultimate Bachelor spoiler source, told his readers their intelligence should feel insulted after last week’s episode tried to act like Heather randomly showed up on her own. After quarantining for an unspecified length of time, Heather waltzed into the Nemacolin lounge, where the rest of the cast were enjoying a relaxing cocktail party with Matt. Viewers saw a small snippet of the conversation between Heather and Matt, as well as the furious reactions from the other women. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving Heather’s fate to be revealed next week.


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