Stowaway bird found 12 hours into business class flight (Photo)

Stowaway bird found 12 hours into business class flight (Photo)
Stowaway bird found 12 hours into business class flight (Photo)

A mynah bird was discovered on board a flight from Singapore to the UK.

The bird, native to southern Asia, was found around 12 hours into the Singapore Airlines flight to London, which usually takes 14 hours.

The feathery passenger had good taste: it appeared in the business class cabin. A business class ticket from Singapore to London, departing tomorrow, costs S$5,969 (£3,431).

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In a video posted on Facebook, the black bird is seen perched on top of a passenger’s headrest, unperturbed by the activity in the rest of the cabin.

When a member of Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew tried to grab it, the black bird flew off.

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It’s not clear how the bird managed to board the 6,736-mile flight.

“It was subsequently caught by cabin crew with the assistance of some of the passengers,” a Singapore Airlines spokesman told local newspaper The Straits Times.

Upon landing at Heathrow, the bird was then handed over to animal quarantine authorities.

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It’s not the first time that birds have been found trying to enter an aircraft cabin. Last month, 70 live finches were discovered stowed in a passenger’s hand luggage at New York JFK airport.

Last January, a woman was barred from bringing her emotional support peacock, thought to be called Dexter, onboard a United Airlines flight.