Shawn Mendes Details New Album ‘Wonder’, Watch

Shawn Mendes Details New Album 'Wonder', Watch
Shawn Mendes Details New Album 'Wonder', Watch

Singer Shawn Mendes will release “Wonder,” a single with an accompanying music video, on Oct. 2 ahead of his fourth studio album of the same name, set to drop on Dec. 4.

The video finds two swallows, identical to the one tattooed on his hand, perched on the window sill of his artsy home. But a blinding discovery takes him on an adventure to Wonderland led by the swallows. The video ends with two dates, Oct. 2 and Dec. 4, which many have interpreted as an Oct. 2 single release date and a Dec. 4 album release date. The first seems highly possible after radio personality Elvis Duran tweeted Wednesday that the “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” singer will join him on his show Friday to discuss his new single “Wonder.” Maybe he won’t be holding anything else back about the album, but stay tuned.

And for anyone in the Mendes Army still wondering “What is Wonder?,” Mendes created a whole website with that question as the URL. The link, which he tweeted out and posted in his YouTube video description, gives fans an intimate 360-degree tour of the apartment featured in the trailer, which is filled with potential Easter eggs.


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