Russo Brothers’ ‘Mosul’ Trailer Shows Iraqi Cops Taking on ISIS (Watch)

Russo Brothers’ ‘Mosul’ Trailer Shows Iraqi Cops Taking on ISIS (Watch)
Russo Brothers’ ‘Mosul’ Trailer Shows Iraqi Cops Taking on ISIS (Watch)

Though it has faced criticism for a group of white guys writing, directing and producing a film from the point of view of Iraqi people battling ISIS, the thriller Mosul is still on the way via Netflix.

Based on a true story, Mosul follows an Iraqi SWAT team as they fight to defend their homes from ISIS militants. Watch the Mosul trailer below.

Written and directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Mosul is inspired by the true story of a group of Iraqi fighters who embark on a dangerous guerilla operation to take back their homes, families, and city from ISIS. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo produced the foreign language film under their AGBO banner alongside Mike Larocca, Jeremy Steckler and Dawn Ostroff, while Endgame scribes Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely served as executive producers along with Todd Makurath, Mohamed Al-Daradji, Patrick Newall, Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei and Felice Bee.

The film follows an inexperienced Iraqi cop Kawa (Adam Bessa) who is rescued from a firefight by the elite Nineveh SWAT team, who quickly induct them into their squadron led by Major Jasem (Suhail Dabbach). Ishaq Elias co-stars in Mosul.

The film is notably entirely in Arabic, with no big-name star in sight: a big risk for a first-time director like Carnahan, who is a veteran screenwriter behind The Kingdom and Deepwater Horizon for Peter Berg, as well as Brad Pitt’s World War Z and the Russo brothers-produced thriller 21 Bridges.


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