PS5 UK Stock check: PlayStation 5 restock is happening on Amazon, Argos

PS5 UK Stock check: PlayStation 5 restock is happening on Amazon, Argos
PS5 UK Stock check: PlayStation 5 restock is happening on Amazon, Argos

BT and EE sent shockwaves through the gaming universe when both websites advertised fresh stock of the new PS5 on 3 December.

Yet it turned out to be a small window of opportunity as both had sold out again within minutes, with lucky buyers told to expect the PS5 delivered by 15 December.

For many the hunt for a new PS5 console continues two weeks after its UK launch day which saw retailers overwhelmed by interest, as demand outstripped supply.

How much are PS5s going for on eBay?

Gamers eager to get their hands on the new PS5 have been bidding thousands of pounds online.

The price for a new PS5 on ebay has moved into four and five figure sums, with one being advertised for an eye watering £10,000.

All the major UK retailers sold out of the new installment of the Sony PlayStation within minutes of the console being released on Thursday 19 November.

Where can I buy a PS5?

The PS5 remains the hottest property in town.

Those with the foresight or fortune to have pre-ordered a PS5 were able to pick up their shiny new consoles from the shops or have them delivered on the morning of launch day.

While the rest of us frantically scoured the internet for places that had it in stock.

Those places were increasingly hard to find with the likes of GAME, John Lewis, Curry’s, Tesco and Argos all selling out on the morning of release.

Some PS5s are popping up on ebay for princely sums in excess of what you would expect a new console to cost in high street shops.

When is Very restocking PS5? helped ease some of the anxiety on Wednesday 18 November when it posted an update on Twitter stating: “The PS5 console will be available to order tomorrow from mid-morning”.

What time specifically they meant by mid-morning caused a stir across the internet, with rumours it was from 11am as others predicted a more likely time of midday.

It quickly sold out, but check back on the links below.

When is Amazon restocking PS5?

Even online shopping powerhouse Amazon has had difficulty keeping up with demand. Though it did have some availability through the afternoon on launch day after a midday restock it too is now out of stock of the new PS5.

It has now added the line “we don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock” with shoppers being told to check back regularly on all their usual sites.

When is Smyths restocking PS5?

Though currently out of stock, Smyths has confirmed on its site it is expecting to receive further stock of the PS5 in December.

Do Curry’s, Game, John Lewis, Tesco or Argos have any stock?

They are all currently sold out of the PS5 – with a promise of restocking soon – so be sure to keep tabs on each retailer’s website. Links below.

Game made its Twitter followers aware its PS5 9am launch had been put on hold and that it was hoping to go live later that same day.

How much does a PS5 cost?

Sony has released two PS5 consoles with the main one, which features an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, priced at £449.99 and a digital-only edition, which is also slimmer, from £349.99.

Keep checking on the main retailers to see if they are back in stock:




John Lewis




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