Oldest dolphin dies at age 55, Report

Oldest dolphin dies at age 55, Report
Oldest dolphin dies at age 55, Report

Sea World’s oldest dolphin, Amity, has died from old age.

The 55-year-old dolphin was ‘one of the oldest-lived dolphins in human care’ at the Gold Coast theme park. They usually live for around 40 years in the wild.

Amity used to entertain guests by lying on her back and pretending to be dead, which often led to people alerting the park’s keepers.

The Sea World team said they were ‘deeply saddened’ by the dolphin’s death and that she would be missed greatly around the theme park.

‘The animals are like family and while Amity will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her,’ Sea World’s Director of Marine Sciences, Trevor Long told Gold Coast Bulletin.

‘She has helped generations of park guests gain a better appreciation for all animals and the ocean environment.’ but did she drown?

Amity was used for research which then led to the discovery that she was actually an Australian Humpback.

The Australian Humpback is listed as Vulnerable in Queensland (Nature Conservation Act 1992).

The animal is under threat due to the small population size and the slow population growth rates.

Sea World says Amity’s death is a great loss to the theme park because it was the only place in the world where people could see Australian Humpback’s up close.