Notre Dame Cathedral Fire ‘Likely Caused’ By Short-Circuit, Report

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire 'Likely Caused' By Short-Circuit, Report
Notre Dame Cathedral Fire 'Likely Caused' By Short-Circuit, Report

Paris police investigators think an electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, a police official said Thursday, as France paid a daylong tribute to the firefighters who saved the world-renowned landmark.

A judicial police official told The Associated Press investigators made an initial assessment of the cathedral Wednesday but don’t have a green light to search Notre Dame’s charred interior because of ongoing safety hazards.

The cathedral’s fragile walls were being shored up with wooden planks, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak by name about an ongoing investigation.

Investigators so far believe the fire was accidental, and are questioning both cathedral staff and workers who were carrying out renovations. Some 40 people had been questioned by Thursday, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

The police official wouldn’t comment on an unsourced report in Le Parisian newspaper that investigators are looking at whether the fire could have been linked to a computer glitch or the temporary elevators used in the renovation work, among other things. The prosecutor’s office said only that “all leads must be explored.”

French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting officials from the United Nations’ cultural agency, UNESCO, where he is expected to set out ideas for the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Macron’s push for a speedy rebuild indicates he wants the fire-ravaged monument’s reconstruction to be part of his legacy, and is seizing the moment to try to move on from the divisive yellow vest protests. His initial wish for it to be rebuilt in just five years was met with incredulity.

Macron had been due to deliver an uneasy speech Monday setting out long-awaited plans to quell anti-government protests that have marred his presidency, but it was postponed after the fire broke out.

The rector of Notre Dame, Monsignor Patrick Chauvet, said he wanted a temporary wooden structure to be built to serve as the rectory as Notre Dame is being rebuilt, BBC News reports.

“We mustn’t say ‘the cathedral is closed for five years and that’s it’,” Chauvet said.


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