North Korea calls Biden a ‘rabid dog’ for insulting its dignity

North Korea calls Biden a 'rabid dog' for insulting its dignity
North Korea calls Biden a 'rabid dog' for insulting its dignity

North Korea’s state media on Friday stepped up a personal attack on former US Vice President Joe Biden for slandering its leader, calling the Democratic presidential candidate “a rabid dog” that needed to be put down.

Aaccording to the country’s state-run news agency. “Rabid dogs like Baiden [sic] can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about. They must be beaten to death with a stick, before it is too late,” KNCA reported.

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North Korea added that the 2020 frontrunner “reeled off a string of rubbish against the dignity” of the country’s supreme leadership, an act it said deserves “merciless punishment.” The Associated Press reports that KNCA referred to him only with his last name, sometimes misspelling it as “Baiden” and other times referring to him as the vice president under Barack Obama. North Korea spelled Biden’s name correctly when it called him a “fool of low IQ” in May. It’s unclear which, if any, comments Biden made that provoked the country.

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