Megan Fox slams ”ruthlessly misogynistic” Hollywood, Report

Megan Fox slams ''ruthlessly misogynistic'' Hollywood, Report
Megan Fox slams ''ruthlessly misogynistic'' Hollywood, Report

Megan previously said she had a “genuine psychological breakdown” from being sexualized as a kid.

Megan Fox has found herself in the middle of a viral storm after an interview with Jimmy Kimmel from his eponymous show resurfaced on Monday in which she discusses being sexualized at 15 years old by director Michael Bay.

Kimmel’s response, which was to make a crass joke, has led to calls for the comedian and late-night host to be canceled even after he recently made the announcement that he intends to take the rest of the summer off.

The ABC star was already under fire from social media for another resurfaced clip of him performing in blackface, with many making calls for him to apologize or at least acknowledge the bit amid ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. He has not done so.

Further, on Monday, audio purportedly of Kimmel doing an impression of Snoop Dogg from 1996 and using the n-word multiple times was also resurfaced, as reported by the New York Post, leading many to ask how he’s still hosting the upcoming Emmys after Kevin Hart didn’t host the Oscars following his decade-old tweets.

The Kimmel clip with Fox led to a reexamination of the tumultuous early years of her Hollywood career from fans, who began to feel that the actress deserved all the apologies as she was over-sexualized constantly from a young age and under-appreciated just as much for her acting ability.

In a lengthy response shared to her Instagram page, Fox acknowledged and shared her appreciation for all the support coming her way — and the way of all women who have endured similar treatment at the hands of a “ruthlessly misogynistic” Hollywood machine –but she wanted to make sure that it was all rooted in truth.


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