Man spots strange gray creature in Ohio

Man spots strange gray creature in Ohio
Man spots strange gray creature in Ohio

A former Marine reportedly saw a strange looking gray creature in Ohio. According to the Dec. 20 report from Unexplained Mysteries and the Dec. 19 report from Highland County Press, the creature was spotted in the Carmel area. He saw the creature alongside the road on Dec. 12. The unidentified 60-year-old man was driving alongside the road and noticed a creature that looked like it was 7 feet tall and it walked like its knees were backwards. It also had no arms, no jawline, muscular legs, and it leaned forward while it ran. It does sound very strange.

His wife filed a report on the Mutual UFO Network that you can read here. It was Ron McGlone, a MUFON investigator that shared the news with the local outlet, Highland County Press. Since she wrote her report with MUFON it seems that she may think that this sighting that her husband saw was of extraterrestrial origin. She was with him actually, but she didn’t see the creature. In her file reported with MUFON, she did state that her and husband recently bought a house in the Fort Hill area. They noticed after 30 days living there, there was a perfect circle that always stayed a fresh green color no matter what the weather was like.

The Mutual UFO Network is an American-based non-profit organization that investigates cases of alleged UFO sightings. It was founded in May 31, 1969. According to their site, their goals are to promote research of UFOs and to discover the true nature of the phenomenon with an eye towards science. They also want to educate the public on UFO phenomenon and its impact on society.


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