Longest-suffering coronavirus patient discharged from hospital five months later, Report

Coronavirus UK Updates: New strain ‘hotspot’ detected in Cumbria
Coronavirus UK Updates: New strain ‘hotspot’ detected in Cumbria

One of Britain’s longest-suffering coronavirus patients has been discharged from hospital after five months, including two under sedation.

Anil Patel, 63, was admitted to hospital in May after collapsing at home. He spent four months in intensive care in total and will continue his recovery in a rehabilitation centre.

Mr Patel said he “cannot thank staff enough,” adding: “I cannot praise them enough.”

The building manager spent 149 days under the care of Intensive Care medics, during which times he was sedated for two months.

He is now being moved to a residential rehabilitation centre to continue his recovery, as he describes being “on the up all the time”.

Mr Patel, who is a dad to grown up daughters Aneeka, 28, and Nikeeta, 27, says he cannot remember much from the fateful day of his collapse.

Beyond one of his daughters calling an ambulance for him, his mind is blank, he said.

Mr Patel, who is married to wife Darshee, said he initially felt “quite angry” following his coronavirus diagnosis and being stuck in hospital.

The 63-year-old admitted he sometimes took his anger out on people, but said he always apologised too.

With both his daughter’s birthdays coming up next month he is desperate to get home in time to celebrate.

Mr Patel said: ““I’ve got a lovely family and I just want to get home to them.”


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