Keanu Reeves makes a bizarre cameo in new ‘SpongeBob Movie’, Watch

Keanu Reeves makes a bizarre cameo in new 'SpongeBob Movie', Watch
Keanu Reeves makes a bizarre cameo in new 'SpongeBob Movie', Watch

Keanu Reeves has landed a cameo in the new SpongeBob Squarepants film, Sponge on the Run.

The actor has made quite a poignant cameo in the new trailer for upcoming film, aptly named The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run.

The film appears to be about title character Spongebob and his desire to run away from his glaring lifelong issues including childhood abandonment, body issues, and the fact that he is, indeed, a sponge.

The above is absolutely not what the film is about at all, but listen, we wouldn’t be entirely against it if it was.

Something the movie does actually feature and that we definitely won’t lie to you about is the presence of Keanu.

He plays a tumbleweed named Sage, and he is incredibly wise and astute.

Y’know, as tumbleweeds tend to be.

The film, which is due out some time next year, is actually about Spongebob’s snail Garry who has been “snail-napped.”

This then sends Spongebob and Patrick on a cross-ocean adventure in a bid to find their small, shell-encased friend.

They’ll end up in the Lost City of Atlantic City (yes), they’ll meet some lads willing to help them out on their quest, and they’ll of course run into the iconic and ever-wise Keanu Reeves tumbleweed.

Couldn’t ask for a better adventure, tbh.


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