Justin Bieber’s Hotel Slippers Have Sold Out (Photo)

Justin Bieber's Hotel Slippers Have Sold Out (Photo)
Justin Bieber's Hotel Slippers Have Sold Out (Photo)

Justin Bieber was always meant to sell hotel slippers—of this, I am certain. And so it is with little surprise that I learned today that a) earlier this week, Bieber debuted a line of said slippers and b) the slippers proved so popular they are already sold out. All of this, of course, makes perfect sense.

The slipper story is thus: on Wednesday, Bieber posted a photo on Instagram of his feet inside a pair of hotel slippers emblazoned with the emblem for his new apparel line, Drew House. Here are the slippers and feet:

Interested parties could purchase said slippers on Drew House’s website for $4.99, an absolute steal for such iconic footwear. Plush lightweight coral fleece! Comfortable padding! Foam soles! The promise of running into Mr. Hailey Baldwin at a gas station or beef jerky factory, and matching!

Unfortunately, it appears too many people wanted this specific dream to become a reality, and now the slippers are sold out. Will there be more? WILL THERE BE MORE? Justin! Hailey! Oscar! Drew! Canada! Help!