Jessica Mulroney fired from TV show over racism argument

Jessica Mulroney fired from TV show over racism argument
Jessica Mulroney fired from TV show over racism argument

JESSICA Mulroney has been dropped by major networks in the US and Canada a day after a black influencer accused her of threatening legal action over a discussion about racism.

Mulroney, 40, was called out directly in an Instagram video shared by Sasha Exeter, who claimed that the I Do, Redo host had displayed “very problematic behaviour and antics that ultimately resulted in (Mulroney) sending me a threat in writing”.

Exeter captioned the clip as “my Amy Cooper experience”, referencing the incident which made global headlines last month where a white woman called police on an innocent black man birdwatching in Central Park.

While the influencer said she was “by no means calling Jess a racist”, the public response was very different.

As one follower wrote in the comments section: “I’m sad that you weren’t able to fully use your voice in this moment to call a thing what it is: The interaction this woman had with you and her behaviour was RACIST. Period.”

Markle is reportedly “absolutely mortified” with Mulroney’s “tone-deaf” threats and has cast her adrift.

A friend told the Daily Mail: “‘Meghan is absolutely mortified that she’s been dragged into this complete mess. She said Jessica is in no way a racist, but the way she handled the situation was tone-deaf and heartbreaking.”

“Meghan said friends reflect friends and because of what’s at stake she can no longer be associated with Jessica, at least not in public,” they added.

Meanwhile, Canadian network CTV confirmed on Thursday that it had axed Mulroney as her actions had conflicted with the network’s “commitment to diversity and equality”.

“Bell Media and CTV encourages our entire team including on-air talent to practice respect, inclusivity and allyship as we pledge to work better and more openly to listen to and amplify black voices, and not minimise them,” the statement read.