Jessica Drake gives birth “Lily-Grace” naturally to one of the UK’s biggest babies

Jessica Drake gives birth
Jessica Drake gives birth "Lily-Grace" naturally to one of the UK's biggest babies

A first-time mother has given birth to one of the UK’s biggest babies without any pain relief – and the tot was two weeks early.

Jessica Drake, 23, from Hull, welcomed 10lbs 10oz Lily-Grace with her partner Benjamin last month.

She began her labour in the Fatima Allam Birth Centre but was transferred to the main labour ward for an assisted birth when Lily-Grace became stuck.

While Lily-Grace’s birth weight is impressive, the largest baby ever born was more than double her size.

The tot, who was born at Liverpool Women’s Hospital but was not named, tipped the scales at roughly the weight of the annual Christmas turkey for 12.

The second largest recorded birth weight in the UK was 15lb 8oz Guy Carr, who was born in 1992 in Barrow-in-Furness.

The biggest baby born in Britain entered the world weighing 15lb 10oz in 2015.

Miss Drake, 23, from Sutton, Hull, was amazed at Lily-Grace’s size.


  1. This isn’t a news story. The baby isn’t even that big. No lie, my ex-wife gave birth to a 10lb 130z baby twelve years ago, with no pain relief either. It’s not a big deal.


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