Hairdressers ‘given green light to reopen on July 4’, Report

Hairdressers 'given green light to reopen on July 4', Report
Hairdressers 'given green light to reopen on July 4', Report

Boris Johnson is poised to announce that hairdressers will be among the businesses allowed to re-open on July 4, although staff will have to use PPE and keep chat to a minimum.

The PM is expected to lift restrictions allowing businesses to reopen, according to The Sun, but only with strict rules on PPE in place reports The Mirror.

A decision could come on the back of widely reported moves by the Boris Johnson to reduce the 2m rule which has so far prevented some businesses, including pubs and restaurants, to reopen.

And while the news will come as a relief to businesses, and those desperate to get their hair cut, many remained concerned the lifting of restrictions could lead to a second surge of Covid-19 which has left tens of thousands dead.

It had previously been feared that professional hair cuts would have to be banned for at least six months due to the risk of coronavirus spreading.

However, it is understood that the Government scientists have now agreed it is safe for salons to resume work if additional precautions are taken. All hairdressers and barbers will have to wear full-face plastic visors to prevent any infections from spreading.

Customers will also have to make an appointment before getting a cut, with a limit on numbers.

Equipment will be disinfected more frequently, and staff have also been encouraged to cut down on small talk.

Under guidance issued by the National Hair and Beauty Federation, chat is to be “kept to a minimum” to avoid potentially infectious droplets spreading between stylists and their customers.


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