George Clooney Says Amal Banned Him from Motorcycles, Report

George Clooney Says Amal Banned Him from Motorcycles, Report
George Clooney Says Amal Banned Him from Motorcycles, Report

Time to get another means of transportation. George Clooney Opens a New Window. will have to now retire his motorcycle because his wife, Amal Clooney Opens a New Window. , doesn’t want to see him on one anymore.

“I’m not allowed to ride motorcycles” the 57-year-old said during a Catch-22 panel at the DGT Theater in New York City on Wednesday, May 1. “I got into a really bad accident. I hit a guy at 70 miles an hour on my bike. Got launched. And so that’s, I’m off of bikes.” Yikes!

The actor revealed that producer Grant Heslove has also been banned from ever hopping on a motorcycle. “Grant’s off. We screwed up and our wives were like, ‘You can never get on a bike again.’” This all kicked off after the Oscar Opens a New Window. -winner collided with a Mercedes that pulled out in front of him in Costa Corallina, Italy. His helmet hit the windshield upon impact, cracking both the helmet and the glass. The other driver was not injured.

At the time, Amal, 41, was not happy at all about the situation. “While George is blowing it off as no big deal, Amal is furious,” an insider exclusively told Closer Weekly Opens a New Window. . “She and his friends have been wanting him to get rid of that scooter. His mother even called him to admonish him about it, that she’s been wanting him to get rid of it, too.”

Before Amal banned her husband from riding a motorcycle again, her concerns were enough for the ER Opens a New Window. alum to sell his chopper Opens a New Window. . “Ever since George’s motorcycle accident, his wife, Amal, has told him he’s off two wheels for good,” the original eBay listing the mega-star’s black 2017 Dressing Touring Ultra Limited FHLTK cycle read.

“George just bought a brand new dresser Harley with only 25 miles on the odometer! All yours if you win the bidding. You’re responsible for pickup in Los Angeles. George will even sign it for you!!!” The bike was eventually sold for $49,000, with proceeds going to the charitable organization Homes for our Troops Opens a New Window. .


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