French President Macron Tests Positive for COVID-19

French President Macron Tests Positive for COVID-19
French President Macron Tests Positive for COVID-19

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday blamed his Covid-19 on a combination of negligence and bad luck, urging his compatriots to stay safe as critics called out slip-ups in his behavior to prevent infection, from a close-quarters handshake to repeated big-group meals over the past week.

In what looked like a self-shot video from the presidential retreat in Versailles where he was isolating with symptoms that included headaches, fatigue and a dry cough, Macron promised to give daily updates and be “totally transparent” about the evolution of his illness.

“I wanted to reassure you – I am doing fine. I have the same symptoms as yesterday, notably fatigue, headaches, a dry cough,” he said, speaking softly and dressed casually in a turtleneck top. The president said he would “be back soon” and added there was “no reason to believe this will develop badly”, while adding he was under medical supervision.

“I am working at a slightly slower pace because of the virus, but I shall continue to focus on high-priority issues, such as our handling of the epidemic, or, for example, the Brexit dossier,” Macron said in a video posted on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The 42-year-old French leader said his infection “shows that the virus really can touch everyone, because I am very protected and am very careful”.


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