France bus crash: 33 hurt after Paris to London Flixbus overturns

France bus crash: 33 hurt after Paris to London Flixbus overturns
France bus crash: 33 hurt after Paris to London Flixbus overturns

A bus headed from Paris to London flipped onto its side in the northern Somme region of France on Sunday, leaving 29 people injured, four of them seriously, authorities said.

The bus, operated by German company Flixbus, was en route to London from Paris on Sunday when it skidded off a highway in northern France and flipped on its side.

Local officials said 33 people were injured, four of them seriously. They have been taken to nearby hospitals.

The accident took place on the A1 motorway near the city of Amiens. The Courrier Picard newspaper reported that the road was wet when the bus swerved on a curve, crashed into a barrier and then overturned.

According to authorities, most of the passengers on board were foreigners from countries including the United States, Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia and Britain. Thirteen of the injured passengers were French.


  1. A friend of mine took the 14:15hrs Flixbus from Paris to London on 31st October 2019. The driver was constantly using his mobile phone talking to his friends for many hours including booking a flight ticket for his friend. Passengers complained but he ignored them. The driver told those complaining ‘nothing bad has happened to you are still here’ (i.e. you are still alive). After the shuttle the driver drove very fast to Victoria and arrived 20 minutes earlier than scheduled.

    Three weeks before that my friend took a Ouibus from London to Paris. The driver was also using his phone talking to a friend and later kept falling asleep. My friend and other passengers, sitting at the front near to the driver, had to keep waking him up! It was a terrible experience. One of the passengers told my friend that all drivers are doing this – threatening the lives of dozens of passengers! Such behavior should NOT be allowed. Owners of ALL bus companies should be fully aware of this and consider travelling themselves as UNDERCOVER BOSS !!!!


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