Floyd Mayweather Violates Lockdown Rule (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Violates Lockdown Rule (Video)
Floyd Mayweather Violates Lockdown Rule (Video)

Floyd Mayweather has drawn criticism after ignoring lockdown rules to train and spar with members of his team at his boxing gym in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Former British super lightweight champion Ashley Theopane shared a clip of Mayweather at the gym to his Twitter page.

The footage shows a man, who is wearing a mask but no gloves, applying Vaseline to the American’s face before the session.

Mayweather’s gloves were then checked by another man, who did not have a mask on, before he made his way towards the ring.

Fans are delighted to see the boxing veteran back in action, but are furious that he has continued to ignore lockdown rules.

In response to the video, one fan said: “So everyone’s got to stay at home and way from non essential work except Mayweather?”

Alongside a laughing emoji, another added: “Guy wearing a face mask but applying Vaseline with no gloves on.”

And one social media user simply responded: “Nice social distancing.”

It is understood that Mayweather owns the gym in Las Vegas that he has been training at throughout the pandemic.

He continued to fuel rumours that he will make a comeback this year as he shared some training clips last week.

The 43-year-old officially retired in 2017 after he beat UFC superstar Conor McGregor in an incredible crossover fight.


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