Everything we know about Xbox Series X pre-orders in the UK

Everything we know about Xbox Series X pre-orders in the UK
Everything we know about Xbox Series X pre-orders in the UK

Xbox Series X and S has gone live – we have the best retailers to check for stock as consoles keep popping up on launch day.

It is, somehow, 10th November and that means one thing for video game fans – the new era of next-generation Xbox is here.

Xbox took a simpler approach to the launch of the Xbox Series X than the PlayStation 5 -Microsoft players had weeks to gear themselves up for the rush of them going on sale.

There are two consoles available the Xbox Series X (£449) and a digital Xbox Series S edition (£349) and both have been released today, 10th November.

The second lockdown in the UK has changed things a bit when it comes to launch date though. Firstly, there’s no rush to the store. Second, if you have already pre-ordered you need to check collection rules, and third, if you want to buy one today then read on as it’s online all the way now.

Amazon has also said some customers may get their console after Christmas, so look at delivery dates when you buy to avoid disappointed faces come Yuletide.

Smyths is still good place to look for the console, alongside a revamped Gamespass, monthly as they will be the only ones to have Xbox All Access as an option. We’ve seen this as an option again. Elsewhere, the likes of Very had consoles, with an instalment plan.

EE and BT have also said they’re making the Xbox Series X/S available to customers – just log in to My BT and your account or EE will soon let you add it to your plan. If you aren’t a customer, there’s still time to sign up or read on.

We’ll be updating this page as an when we learn of more Xbox Series S and X pre-orders and launch day news. We’ve also rounded up some of the cheapest deals on the older Xbox One.

Where to buy Xbox Series X: where stock is live now
Pre-orders were available as of 22nd September at 8am in the UK – for both the top-dog Xbox Series X and the digital-only Xbox Series S. But while gamers had ample notice to pick one up, unlike what happened with the PS5 pre-order release, that was, well not ideal, they sold out extremely quickly – with several big retailers seeing their websites buckling under the pressure of how many people were trying to get hold of one.

Now it’s launch date you have another chance.

Check the below links as more stock was released at 8am. Smyths, John Lewis and Asda has just got in stock too, and online stores have promised more stock is on its way.

When is my Xbox Series X/S pre-order arriving?

The Xbox Series X was available to pre-order at a number of retailers and while a second wave of pre-orders never became available with today’s console launch another batch of stock has arrived.

We will continue to keep this page updated with the latest retailers and their stock levels- although you’ll have to be fast – stock disappears as quickly as it appears. We’ve broken down where stock is live in more detail below.

Xbox Series X review: “The next-generation of gaming arrives with a console that more than lives up to the hype. A sleek design and a super quiet machine, the Xbox Series X really shows what next-gen games can look like and does so in style. Long loading times already seem like a thing of the past and quick resume is a brilliant addition, while the small changes to the controller make all the difference. Add to that Gamespass that now includes the wealth of titles that come with EA Play and it is clear that Microsoft are onto a winner.”


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