Europe surpasses 100000 daily reported COVID-19 cases, Report

Europe surpasses 100000 daily reported COVID-19 cases, Report
Europe surpasses 100000 daily reported COVID-19 cases, Report

Europe reported more than 100,000 daily coronavirus cases for the first time on Thursday as the region continues to battle a resurgence of the pandemic.

Eastern Europe, at the time the number of cases exceeded 100,000, was the worst affected region with more than 33,600 daily reported cases.

The United Kingdom, Russia, Spain and France are currently the coronavirus hot spots on the continent. They have reported at least more than 10,000 cases each in the last three days.

Eight countries on the continent posted record increases in cases in just the past week.

In Europe, daily cases averaged around 78,000 cases for since the beginning of October, compared with an average of 47,500 cases in September.

Europe currently accounts for more than 16 percent of total coronavirus cases and close to 22 percent of deaths globally.

Authorities in the affected countries are scrambling to reimpose regulations to contain the second wave of the disease.

On Friday, Spain’s government declared a state of emergency to impose a partial lockdown on the Madrid region which has Europe’s highest infection rate. On Thursday, a court in Madrid had overturned the decision.

Authorities in Russia are considering closing bars and nightclubs after reporting its highest daily coronavirus cases ever since the last such record in May.

Several parts of the United Kingdom have introduced stricter restrictions on social interaction to try to halt the increasing spread of the disease.

Belgium also implemented tougher controls on social gatherings after new infections surged in the country.

However, unlike earlier in the year, this time round there is increased opposition to the imposition of such restrictive measures by authorities.


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