Dominic Raab: Coronavirus vaccine ‘unlikely this year’

Dominic Raab: Coronavirus vaccine 'unlikely this year'
Dominic Raab: Coronavirus vaccine 'unlikely this year'

Dominic Raab says that a coronavirus vaccine is ‘unlikely to come this year’ as human trials start this week.

Appearing on Sophy Ridge on Sky, Mr Raab claimed the vaccine could be vital in case of “multiple waves” of the virus.

He said:“The antibody test is important because it can tell whether you had the virus, there is also the swab test which says if you currently have the virus.

“We are looking at all of these measures to manage and try and bring an end to the coronavirus.

“We are also looking at the possibility of a vaccine, that’s not likely to come to fruition this year, which could be very important if we get multiple waves of coronavirus globally down the track.”

It comes as scientists the world over are attempting to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 – which has killed almost 200,000 people across the globe.

Vaccines often take years to develop, but researchers are trying to achieve the goal in a matter of months.

Earlier this month experts at Oxford University claimed they’re “80 per cent confident” a new drug will work and could be weeks away.

Professor Sarah Gilbert, who is working on a vaccine with a team at the university, is about to begin testing the vaccine, is confident it will work and says it could be ready by September.

The first volunteers have already been injected with doses of what they hope is a coronavirus vaccine.

Trials of a second coronavirus vaccine are set to begin in June at Imperial College London.

The scientists working on the vaccine for the virus will soon start recruiting volunteers for clinical trials to begin in less than two months.

Bristol Children’s Vaccine Centre and University Hospital Southampton have also advertised for people to take part in trials.


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